Česká plynárenská a.s.

About us

Česká Plynárenská a.s. is a natural gas wholesale trader in the Czech Republic and Central Europe. It is a dynamic company staffed by qualified professionals. Its commitment to greater use of natural gas contributes to improving the natural environment.

Česká Plynárenská originated in 2007 with the aim of entering the European natural gas wholesale market. Since 2009, the company has been a registered natural gas trader in the Czech, German, Austrian and Slovak markets. In the early 2009, we launched physical natural gas trading and in the course of the year, managed to build a basic network of business relationships in the primary market. At the time of the 2009 January crisis, Česká Plynárenská was able to make flexible offerings of extraordinary supplies of natural gas in the Czech Republic. In the Czech market, the company concluded a framework contract with NET4GAS, s.r.o.s, with the aim of providing cross-border transport via transit gas pipeline. The company is accounted as part of the market operator OTE, a.s., and has all permits and licenses for its business transactions. The objectives set when natural gas trading was launched in 2009 were fulfilled and the company established itself within a short period of time after the gas market was legally opened. Since then, Česká Plynárenská has reinforced its position as a stable supplier of natural gas in the Czech Republic and other European states.